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About Us

BEACH BUMMIN is a business designed to help you ACTUALLY  vacation on your vacation. We offer two services in the hopes of quickly expanding for our clients.

Service 1- We will load and/or unload your luggage at your vacation rental upon arrival. We will meet you at your vacation address at your check in time and unload your car into your vacation property and or load it all back up into your car when you are done with your vacation

Service 2- We will come to your beach property and take all your beach supplies down to the beach. We will set up tents, chairs. umbrellas etc so when you are ready to come down everything is all set. When you are done with your beach day we will also come take everything back home for you! 


I lost my mom unexpectedly in April 2022 due to bone and lung cancer that was detected two weeks prior to her passing. We were devasted but we still had our annual family beach trip booked and planned in June 2022 at Oak Island. Life was chaos and the grief was heavy. As badly as I didn't want to go without her I knew my mind needed the solitude of my favorite place. God had placed it on my heart to go and " Be still." As I sat on the beach allowing God to fill me with peace, I watched everyone struggling to carry there beach supplies to the beach. Not only did he put peace in my heart, he placed the idea of Beach Bummin. We are designed to help the community. Love on our neighbors and help make your vacation memorable with the ones you love and cherish.

    I encourage you on this vacation to "Be Still"

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